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Buying new video games can be expensive, especially for gamers on a budget or those who are not sure if they will enjoy a particular genre or title. Buying used video games gives users a chance to test a new game type before spending larger sums on new games. While one might feel a twinge of jealousy when watching one’s friends playing the latest releases, buying used video games allows one to expand one’s collection over time. One should consider factors like one’s personal interests and gaming preferences, the game’s region code and rating, the ability to replay particular games, the length of the game, and user and expert reviews.

Some buyers may be hesitant to buy second hand games as the disks may be damaged, booklets or manuals may be missing, or one may open the case to find a pirated copy of the game inside. However, if one is cautious, does adequate research about the seller, and buys from a store or seller with a returns policy, the risk of buying a dud decreases dramatically. Used games can be found at gaming or game rental stores, or from online marketplaces like Amazon.

Factors to Consider When Buying Used Video Games
Used video games are usually more attractive to gamers on a budget. Considering the factors discussed below before one buys will lessen the likelihood of buying an item one does not want.
Personal Interests and Gaming Preferences
It goes without saying that the most important factor in choosing a used video game is one’s own interests and gaming preferences. For example, those who enjoy strategy games should look at titles in that genre first. Buying a game in a genre that is not usually on one’s shopping list could end in disappointment. Users can, of course, rent a copy of a game from a rental store before buying it. This is especially handy when trying a new genre or gaming type. The table below offers a short summary of some of the types of games available.